As an avid explorer of the diverse trails in the Corvallis area, I have been frustrated many times by a lack of reliable maps and information. There are good resources out there but they are incomplete and often hard to find. I decided to remedy this by creating corvallistrails.org.

This project is very much a work in progress. If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute missing GPS tracks or trail info, please send me an email or upload the tracks to openstreetmap.org and add them to the map there.

On the technical side of things: The maps tiles I am using are from opencyclemap.org, rendered with data from openstreetmap.org, and are displayed using the Leaflet javascript library. The trails that are already on the maps have been painstakingly logged with GPS devices by various member of openstreetmap.org, but mostly by the user 'MapJunkie.' Thanks for your efforts, whoever you are. Corvallistrails.org is an entirely static website, meaning that hosting costs can be kept to a minimum and upkeep is simple. Unfortunately this rules out the possibility of a wiki-style setup where anyone can edit.

I intend to eventually have descriptions and other information for the majority of the trails, no matter how obscure. Thanks for reading, and happy trails!